Cognex Adds High Speed 374 to the DataMan 370 Series Lineup of Barcode Readers

Introducing the DataMan 370 with High Powered Integrated Torch. Great for High Speed and Multi-code Applications.

  • The distance-based dynamic auto-focus sensor can adjust focus in 2 milliseconds. This is great for catching codes at various heights or changing depth of fields.
  • The high frequency light option strobes the torch light on the reader at speeds that the human eye cannot see so that they appear to be always on. This eliminates operator annoyance and the potential health risks of strobing lights.
  • The new, improved laser aimer automatically maps out your approximate field of view, making setup and adjustments much easier.
  • The reader also has the option of emitting a green flash with every good read.
  • Ideal for reading codes at far distances, high speed, or large field of views.
  • Competitively priced.

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