Epson VT6L – Just $13,900 – Available at FPE Automation!

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Groundbreaking Technology at an Ultra-Low Cost
Introducing the Epson VT6L All‑in‑One 6-Axis Robot
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VT6L Launch Email ‑ 2019
With next‑level technology at an incredible price, the Epson VT6L All‑in‑One 6‑Axis Robot is ideal for a wide variety of simple applications.

Delivering many of the features found in our high‑end robots, including powerful Epson RC+® development software and easy integration tools such as vision guidance, the VT6L offers a reach up to 900 mm and a payload up to 6 kg.

A feature‑packed performer, it includes a built‑in controller, plus simplified cabling with a hollow‑end‑of‑arm design—all at a remarkably low cost, in a compact, SlimLine structure.

VT6L All‑in‑One 6-Axis Robot
Epson VT6L
All‑in‑One 6‑Axis Robot
Ultra‑Low Cost: $13,900
Built‑in Controller
Easy to Install
SlimLine Design
110 V or 220 V Available
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See the Epson VT6L in Action
Epson VT6L Product Video
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EPSON and Epson RC+ are registered trademarks, and EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark of Seiko Epson Corporation.

All other product and brand names are trademarks of their respective companies. Epson disclaims all rights in these marks.

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