Automation in the Packaging Industry

OEM packaging equipment, machinery, processing equipment, conveyor equipment, and high-speed palletizing are key areas for improved automation.

Packaging EquipmentYou’ve probably heard – automation is making headlines for the transformative effect it is having on today’s manufacturing processes. Companies are using new innovations to do less with more, combat ongoing labor shortages, improve quality and save money.


Few industries have benefited more from the latest technological advances than packaging. This month alone, FPE Automation has received five Top Performer Awards from partner PHD, Inc. for innovations. All five were for solutions in packaging equipment manufacturing.


That’s compelling.


FPE Automation’s Joe Judge architected recognition-worthy solutions involving actuators like the ones you can see here.



If your company manufactures packaging equipment, FPE Automation can help you in unique ways to achieve more. Reach out to us for details







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