Case Study: Vision Inspection for Injection Mold Clearing Pays Off

Vision Tools Reduce Damage, Cost, and Downtime

To achieve high productivity with injection molding, part clearance at the end of each mold cycle is critical. If the mold isn’t cleared properly, the core pins and other fine features of the mold may be damaged. The result and corresponding downtime can be catastrophic.

One Customer’s Story

PROBLEM:  A large manufacturer of consumer products was experiencing an average of two incidents a year of parts getting stuck in their molds. Failed mold clears cost them $10K+ per replacement or rework of a damaged mold. When you factor in maintenance costs and the cost of downtime, the cost can skyrocket. They needed an automated solution that proactively prevented failed mold clears.

“After the implementation of this solution, the customer has had zero failed mold clear incidents in 3 years.”

SOLUTION: FPE Automation provided a system consisting of two vision sensors, two LED bar lights, and Swivellink mounting arms. Total cost was under $6K! After the implementation of this solution, the customer has had zero failed mold clear incidents in 3 years.

What a typical Mold Clear system consists of:

    • Vison sensor with cables

    – Includes free user-friendly software

    – FPE Automation provides free machine vision concepts and software training

    • External lighting options (application-specific)
    • Mounting accessories (application-specific)
    • Optional accessories (application-specific)

    – HMI screens

    – PLCs

    – Power supplies

    – Stack lights and other fail signals

    Why FPE Automation?

    We’re experienced vision system specialists with many years of hands-on experience.

    • Full vision lab for application-specific evaluations
    • 6 Automation Controls vision system specialists
    • 60 years of servicing the Illinois market with Automation expertise

    Please contact Joe Jerger or your local Automation Sales Specialist for more information, or an application review.



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