Detect Body Temperature as People Enter Your Building

Introducing Body Temperature Inspection Systems from FPE Automation

Screen a moving group of individuals for elevated skin temperature.

From the people who have brought you sensor technology for decades, FPE Automation is proud to offer the latest in thermal imaging sensors.

Advanced black-body technology thermal camera sets this system apart from others. High accuracy: +/- 0.3 C° / 0.54°F

  • Designed for high volume traffic areas and crowds, as well as single individual identification.
  • Utilizes black-body thermal electromagnetic radiation; the most advanced technology.
  • Automatic alarm sounds when skin temperature reaches preset alarm value.
  • Automatically saves a thermal image on alarm condition.
  • Comprehensive, intuitive software included in the package.
  • System runs on a standard Microsoft Windows™ PC.
  • Turnkey systems available.

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