FPE Automation Announces the Promotion of Joey Bardos to President

FPE Automation announced that Joey Bardos has been appointed President of the company.

Joey Bardos will succeed David Bardos, who will continue his role as CEO.

Left to right: Joey Bardos, Lori Wolff, David Bardos

FPE Automation was founded in 1963 by Richard Bardos, David’s father and Joey’s grandfather, along with Jim Murphy. The two were an ideal team; Richard was an intellectual and a brilliant strategist, and Jim was a magnetic, charming and dynamic individual, gifted in sales.

“The business philosophy back then is still the same as it is today,” David told employees when announcing Joey’s promotion, “The most important assets our company has are the employees, customers and suppliers. [Richard Bardos and Jim Murphy] fully understood that success comes from the sum of all the parts of the organization.”

As we entered the 1980s, David, along with his sister (Richard’s daughter) Lori Wolff, joined the company full-time. Lori’s accounting background as a CPA and David’s experience in sales was again the perfect combination for the next generation taking the helm of the business. “I couldn’t have asked for a better business partner,” said David Bardos. “Lori is a major part of our success. Both of us spent years watching and learning from our father and adopting his philosophy of business, ethics, and quite simply, doing the right thing for all parties involved.”

Like all companies associated with American manufacturing, the company has survived through challenging times. Fast forward to today, and FPE Automation is positioned very well in their market space. They have always represented the best product lines and have been fortunate to have an exceptional team of people. Under David’s leadership, the company weathered some of those industry challenges by being a provider of solutions, not just off-the-shelf products. David put it this way; “We do whatever it takes to, not only take care of our valued customers but to also assist them in being more profitable and more competitive in the markets they serve.”

David concluded with these words: “It has been the honor of my lifetime serving as President of this company. Like my father did before me, it is time to pass the baton to the next generation. It is my pleasure to announce the promotion of Joey Bardos to President of FPE Automation.  Like myself,  Joey has learned from the best; he understands our core principles and is primed and ready for the task ahead of him.  Joey will build on the great team we already have in place and continue the legacy. I will serve as Chief Executive Officer and continue to assist in any way I can.”

Joey will be transitioning into his new role right away. He is grateful for all of the congratulations and best wishes he is receiving in response to the announcement, and added: “I am looking forward to building off our strong foundation and taking FPE to the next level with the strong team we have.”

Source: FPE Automation Blog

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