FPE Automation is a Member of TMA (Technology & Manufacturing Association) in Illinois

Part of a Community: Preparing High School Students for a Career in Manufacturing

FPE Automation is proud to have a history of working alongside young people to cultivate their growth and prepare them for a successful career. So does TMA (Technology & Manufacturing Association of Illinois). 

Our partnership with 
TMA helps the community we all share, one talented individual at a time. This short video clip highlights TMA‘s Be Next training initiative. This important campaign provides high school students an advanced career pathway in high-tech manufacturing. It shows how TMA is strengthening American workforces. They have been doing just that, since 1925.

At FPE Automation, the first word in the tagline below our logo is “People”. This type of initiative is central to our core values, so we thought we’d share this overview of Be Next


Source: FPE Automation Blog

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