FPE Automation Wins Piab Diamond Award

FPE Automation is the proud recipient of the Piab Diamond Award for 2018

For the second consecutive year, FPE Automation is thrilled to have received this honor. It was announced yesterday.


FPE Automation’s Andy Button accepts the Piab Diamond Award
on behalf of FPE Automation


This award is given for sales growth/achievement. In today’s competitive market, back to back awards like these are exceedingly hard to attain. 

What that means:
To retain business, and to be awarded with repeat business, both FPE Automation and Piab have to focus on top quality and service. If they fall short, customers simply won’t come back. Of course, we can’t say we blame them!
Having said that, doing the very same business as last year will not produce growth. To win an award like this one, the dedicated teams at FPE Automation and Piab must work alongside our valued clients on new applications. We develop. We test. We prove concepts, and then make them a reality. None of this would take place if the proposed solutions were not the most cost-effective and reliable ones. Our customers have a lot at stake. Each time, they will choose the best option for their specific needs. To win an award like this one, we have to be consistently the best. That’s what makes this notable. 
On behalf of FPE Automation, I’d like to express appreciation to Piab , and also to the FPE Automation team for work well done! 
Here’s a link to last year’s announcement

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