FPE Automation’s Eric Orf Wins Piab Kalyteros Award for 2018

Congratulations to FPE Automation‘s Eric Orf! 

Piab Kalyteros Award Winner, Midwest Region 2018

Piab’s Kalyteros award (Greek, for “better”) is given annually to one outstanding sales engineer per region. It was announced Wednesday that the winner for 2018 is FPE Automation‘s Eric Orf.

Those who know Eric recognize that he does indeed strive every day to architect better solutions for his customers. Eric is naturally energetic and ingenuitive. Tall, and thin, people definitely look up when Eric enters a room. He’s creative and dedicated – Eric would give MacGyver a run for his money! He’s not a quitter. The Kalyteros award is a great fit for Eric, who isn’t the type to settle for “good enough”. 

We’d like to thank Piab for the honor! This marks the second year in a row that a member of the FPE Automation team is the recipient of this award.

On March 27, it was also announced that FPE Automation is the Piab Diamond Award winner for 2018. It’s Piab’s most prestigious award. Achievements like these are built one solution at a time. We team up with Piab to work side by side with our customers.  Looking back, we’re thrilled with the year we had working with all of you, and look forward to more adventures to come.

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