FPE Automation’s Jason Vilmer is Named PHD Top Performer

Congratulations to Jason Vilmer, winner of the PHD Top Performer Award

Jason was personally chosen by Scott Peters, Territory Sales Manager to be #1 Top Performer.

Application Details

A manufacturer of large commercial and rolling steel doors was preparing to install a new line in their facility. Jason worked with plant engineering, who reported that their previous issues had been reliability, delivery and post-installation support.
PHD’s support on replacement parts and industry-best deliveries helped the engineers feel more comfortable about automating with PHD products.
The team also determined that automating with PHD‘s Series CRS and CTS Cylinders would reduce complexity and save costs.
The resulting installation not only saves money. It also runs more efficiently now.

Solutions for Manufacturers Like You

FPE Automation has a team of specialists who spend their time implementing solutions like these on a regular basis. We’re experts at making your operations run more smoothly and reliably.


Often, we can also help you save costs at the same time.
If your processes could use some optimization, please reach out to us. We’re here for you!



Source: FPE Automation Blog

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