Congratulations to Jason Vilmer: PHD Top Performer for July 2020

FPE Automation’s Jason Vilmer Wins PHD Inc. Top Performer Award


This month, Jason Vilmer, from FPE Automation’s St. Louis office, was in the spotlight for his recent work at an injection molding operation.

Jason is the winner of a PHD Inc. Top Performer award for a a solution he and the team helped design for a vertical lift of a robot for a palletizing application. PHD sized and designed the transitions to support the overhung payload. The result was a success.

In this particular production environment, getting quick delivery and support was critical to the success of this project. PHD Inc. and FPE Automation were able to make that happen.

Powerful solutions that transform businesses, automation that saves valuable resources (like money and labor), and technology that streamlines operations. Nothing short of that can be called award-winning in these unusual, tight-margin times. For that reason, extra congratulations are in order for FPE Automation’s Jason Vilmer this month!


Source: FPE Automation Blog

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