FPE Wins PHD+ Award for Electric Sales

News from the PHD meeting in Denver this week:

FPE Automation’s St. Louis office is the winner of the PHD+ award for electric sales

FPE Automation‘s Andy Button accepts the award from Brian Woodbury, Product Development Manager at PHD

By: Sandia Harrison


What does this mean for our customers?

Manufacturers big and small, all over the Midwest, are discovering the benefits of adopting some of the latest innovations in factory automation. They can’t do that without the proper discovery process. The results could be costly, in terms of dollars and lost productivity.

FPE Automation and PHD‘s technical experts have the knowledge to determine what is right for your company. Virtually every one of our valued customers who adopted PHD+ technology went through the aforementioned process. They looked at ROI, product quality, and overall benefit to their organization, weighing numerous factors. There is only one way to win an award like this, and it isn’t fancy sales pitches. The product absolutely must deliver.

For those customers who adopted this technology during the past year, we’re grateful and also very glad you’re happy with us! We receive testimonial after testimonial about how these products have made a difference in your production environment. 

If you have not yet had a conversation about PHD+ electric actuators, slides and other products, I’d encourage you to contact FPE Automation. If you are simply curious about whether new advancements in industrial controls and other technology could benefit you, our team of experts is happy to stop by and answer your questions.

In the meantime, I’d like to congratulate my colleagues at FPE Automation Sunset Hills, MO for their award-winning year!


Source: FPE Automation Blog

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