High-level Workshop Strengthens FPE Automation’s Universal Robots Expertise

Universal Robots is on location at FPE Automation

By: Sandia Harrison

FPE Automation is a premier, authorized Universal Robots partner. We’re top-tier with UR, and very proud of the level of engagement and expertise we bring to the table when it’s time to have a realistic conversation with our customers about collaborative robots. 

Whether that conversation is about the most technical aspects of industrial robotics, or you need to know how collaborative robots can benefit you in your production environment, or you would like to discuss what your ROI would be and how cobots look, in terms of investment… FPE Automation‘s team of experts are some of the best-suited in the business to answer all of your questions. 

Today, that knowledge pool got deeper.

Our entire team of sales engineers is receiving top level training from engineers at Universal Robots in an intensive workshop. It is knowledge we will pass on to you.

At FPE, we work alongside Universal Robots on a daily basis, in hands-on environments like yours. That makes us uniquely qualified to do the job right. 

Learn more about how that benefits you by reading our Blog post from this past December: GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR #COBOT BY SELECTING THE RIGHT PARTNER.

Source: FPE Automation Blog

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