Introducing the MAC Valves MI/O-67 Fieldbus Platform

An Exciting Product Announcement from MAC Valves

The All-New MI/O-67 Fieldbus Platform

We are pleased to announce the release and availability of the MAC MI/O-67® Fieldbus™ family of products. The initial release includes several different protocol options and several modules, a complete system package!

• EtherNet/IP®
• EtherCAT®
• Modbus/TCP®

• MI/O-67® will utilize existing MAConnect® technology with MI/O-67® specific part numbers
• Digital, Analog and PowerPlus™ modules to accommodate any I/O or additional valves needed
• Designed to meet IP67 washdown specifications (with appropriate valve series modifications).

Contact your FPE Automation Solution Specialist for series options, ordering guides, pricing and additional information.


Source: FPE Automation Blog

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