IO-Link: a connectivity tools guide + free download

Taking the Guesswork out of IO-Link

By: Sandia Harrison, FPE Automation

We are living in an era in which groundbreaking advancements in automation are unprecedented. After decades of solid process improvements, today we are experiencing rapid growth in innovation like we’ve never seen before. The way we manufacture, position, and produce goods today is transforming every day. 

IO-Link: A Connectivity Tools Guide

If you ask nearly anyone in automation or process control, they’ll probably tell you that connectivity is at the top of the list. Devices talking to one another through Ethernet, or any other communication protocol, are game-changing. 

Just a few short years ago, IO-link would have been considered an emerging technology. Nowadays, there is a robust ecosystem of products. Companies are doing remarkable things with this technology. So, more recently, the question has evolved from “if” to “how”. 

That’s where FPE Automation’s team of expert engineers comes in. I consulted with them with the goal of putting together an ordering guide to help you quickly source essential products for your connectivity needs. 

Beyond Products

If you need application assistance, please reach out to our ACD team. They are here to help!

Here are some of industry’s top products suitable for almost any IO-link application. Click the brochure to download a PDF copy, or scroll down for a complete list: 

IO-Link: A Connectivity Tools Guide

FPE Automation IO-Link Product Guide

Master Modules

Murrelektronik Impact67 Pro: 8 ports, class A, class B
Murrelektronik Cube67+: 4 ports, class A, class B

IO-Link Hubs

Murrelektronik D1016 (59719), plug and play


Photoelectric Sensors
Datasensing: S5N tubular, S100 miniature, S8 compact, S300 PA/PR maxi, TL46 contrast/luminescence, S65-M measurement series
Leuze: 3C retro-reflective and through-beam, 3C, HT10, 25B, 46B, 46C diffuse with background suppression, 18B polarized retro-reflective/contrast, DRT 25C dynamic reference diffuse
Omron: E3AS distance-settable with user-friendly display, E3Z-IL standard sensor with I/O link, E3S-DC with color mark detection on any type of packaging
Panasonic: FX-550L photoelectric sensor with IO-link
Proximity Sensors 
Omron: E2E NEXT standard proximity sensor, E2EW welding proximity sensor, E2EQ NEXT spatter-resistant proximity sensor
Panasonic: GX-300 standard inductive proximity sensor
Fiber Sensors 
Datasensing: S70/S7/FY series
Panasonic: FX-550L series
Distance Sensors 
Datasensing: UM1, UK1, UK6, UT1B, UT2F, UT5L, UFT/UFK, ultrasonic distance sensors
Leuze: ODSL, ODS optical distance sensor, HRTU, DMU series ultrasonic distance sensor
Panasonic: HG-C1000L laser distance sensor
Flow Sensors 
Omron: E8FC series
Pressure Sensors 
Leuze: DP-100L
Omron: E8PC series
Fork Sensors 
Leuze: GSU, IGSU, GSX label detection, GSL04B, GSO8B, GSL08B object detection
Area Sensors 
Datasensing: CR retroreflective polarized area sensor

Safety Light Curtains

Leuze: CML, CSL
Omron: F3SG-SR / PG
Panasonic: SF4D series


Werma: eSIGN stack lights
Murr: Comlight56 status lights, available in 3 colors

Vacuum Products

Piab: PiCompact vacuum pumps and ejectors, 10X and 23 SMART series


MAC Valves: MIO-67 Fieldbus. Simplifies wiring needed for control of valves, digital I/O, and analog I/O over a single communication cable

Air Preparation

Norgren/Bimba: Excelon Plus air preparation equipment


JVL: MAC/MIS/MILxxx stepper and servo motors

Analog Converters

Murr: I/O link analog convertor, converts devices to I/O link

The above is only intended as a guide, may not be all-inclusive, and is subject to change. This article is not to be reproduced in whole, or in part, without express written permission from authorized parties at FPE Automation
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