Jason Wilmer Wins PHD Top Performer Award for Parts Presentation in a Robotic Cell

FPE Automation’s Jason Vilmer: Winner, PHD Inc. Top Performer Award for October 2021

Congratulations to FPE Automation’s Jason Vilmer! 

Jason visited a systems integrator to assist them with a new machine build for a coating application in a robotic cell. Because smooth acceleration and extension during fluid dispensing were a must, this was considered a high-performance application. The engineering would need to match.
The challenge Jason faced at that point was not an unusual one. PHD Inc. has hundreds of options. It’s a question that engineers ask themselves often during the design phase. Which would be the best one? 
So, Jason, along with PHD‘s Scott Peters, got to work using advanced tools, along with tried and true methods, CAD, etc. After a detailed review, they decided to recommend an SFP slide for a long X axis and an SE slide for the Z axis. The engineers on staff tested other products as well. 

“We were able to demonstrate smooth linear motion at a constant lower pressure.”

Nothing else they tested matched the smooth action and much-needed rigidity of the SFP precision rail with recirculating bearing system. The series SE Slide had the versatility they needed in a single, high-performance package as well.
The solution? The parts are now being presented consistently and reliably.
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    Source: FPE Automation Blog

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