Just Announced: FPE Automation Among Top MAC Valves Specialists

Congratulations to FPE Automation’s Scott Massie and Steve Carrera! 

Mac Valves Inc. and MDN leadership has hand picked just 40 people from around the continent to be part of an elite team of specialists. These individuals have a unique expertise in Mac’s latest, revolutionary products. That includes Pulse Valves, Bullet Valves®, Liquid Valves, MI/O-67® and BViQ®. While Mac Valves is already the industry leader due to their optimized shifting forces, repeatability, balanced design, wiping action, and all of the other innovations comprising Mac’s 105+ patents – the aforementioned families of cutting edge products are at the forefront of it all. Scott and Steve made the shortlist of experts! Need information about this game-changing technology? Please reach out to FPE Automation – we’re here to help! 
Source: FPE Automation Blog

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