Laser Mark, Read with Machine Vision, and Track Your Items with Unparalleled Accuracy

FPE Automation Handshake Solutions: Creating Successes

Mark and read your items, and log the results to a database. Use the information you collect for traceability and accuracy in your manufacturing process. Get unprecedented results without expensive middleware and implementation costs.

In the example you see in this short clip, FPE Automation’s Handshake Solutions team utilizes the latest technology in machine vision/barcode reading, PLC, laser marking and more. Here, we are serializing a number on each individual part with a Panasonic laser marker. The mark is then confirmed by a Cognex DataMan barcode reader. Once the code has been verified, we log the date/time and additional test data to a SQL database. 

Think of the possibilities. What could you do with technology like this? Reach out to FPE Automation to find out how customers are transforming their operations in ways they never imagined they could.

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Source: FPE Automation Blog

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