Piab Introduces Vacuum-driven Soft Gripper for Collaborative Robots

Introducing Piab’s new vacuum-driven soft gripper.

Cost-effective solution for handling sensitive and difficult objects
Piab is proud to introduce the new soft
gripping tool piSOFTGRIP®, The vacuum-based soft gripper will grip sensitive and lightweight
objects of odd geometries and/or an unusual surface. It is ideal for bin-picking of any small, irregularly shaped objects, food, toys, there are numerous potential applications.
piSOFTGRIP® has three gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity, all made in one piece,
resulting in a simple and robust product. As it is vacuum-driven, the gripping
force is easily adjusted and controlled by the applied vacuum level.

Combined with Piab’s end-of-arm vacuum tool piCOBOT®,  the piSOFTGRIP® offers a powerful and flexible “plug and play” extension for collaborative robots. As both piCOBOT® and piSOFTGRIP® offer compressed air saving functionality (ES), virtually no energy is needed to perform a grip and release. The handy and application-friendly soft gripper is already UR certified for such use.


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