Scott Jokerst and Steve Carrera Win MAC Distributor of the Month Award for Green Energy Installation

FPE Automation Congratulates Steve Carrera and Scott Jokerst – Winners of the MAC Valves Distributor of the Month Award for a Recent Dust Collection Success

The area of industrial dust collection is seeing sweeping improvements due to technological advances in the pulse valves that run the systems. The result is more efficient dust collection, with significant energy cost savings. 

FPE Automation‘s Scott Jokerst joined the company less than a year ago, making this a notable accomplishment on his part. He worked alongside the customer with FPE’s Steve Carrera, a MAC expert and appointed area specialist.

FPE Automation’s Scott Jokerst (left) and Steve Carrera (right, holding a MAC Pulse Valve).

The success story involves a local minerals processor. At the plant, an electrical engineer was intrigued with the energy savings aspect of MAC Pulse Valves. A meeting was scheduled with that engineer and the maintenance supervisor for the facility. After a full review was conducted, it turned out that energy savings would not be the only benefit. On the first installation alone, they would save thousands on reduced maintenance costs and energy savings, even more on filter life savings, and a larger number on process improvements. The result was a remarkable 7 month ROI. Plus, the plant will continue to reap the benefits and savings in the months and years to come.

Industrial Dust Collection and Green Energy

All of us at FPE Automation would like to congratulate Scott and Steve! We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Matthew Neff, President & COO, and Joe Richardson, VP of Sales for MAC Valves, for the accolades.

If your facility has a dust collection system, and you have not yet had a conversation with authorized specialists about the benefits of MAC Pulse Valves, we invite you to reach out to us.


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Source: FPE Automation Blog

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