The FPE Automation Employees Put Together a Tour of the Training & Technology Centers

The FPE Automation team created a virtual tour of their two authorized, state-of-the-art training and technology facilities.

FPE Automation has two technology and training facility locations. One is in the greater Chicagoland area, located in Elk Grove Village, near Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The other is in Sunset Hills, Missouri, and serves the greater St. Louis region.


When they opened, the two facilities were among the first of their kind in the world. Today, they feature capabilities and product demos not available anywhere else in the region.

Here at FPE Automation, we feel that the education of our customers and their employees is paramount in the successful implementation of In Plant Automation, in particular Collaborative Robots, Vision and Motion Control.

Each location features a spacious area with a Universal Robot collaborative robot, a vision camera and a conveyor at every workstation for hands-on training. Interactive classes take place on a regular basis. FPE Automation training is factory certified and taught by field experienced instructors. We offer authorized Universal Robots CORE training, and it doesn’t end there. You can learn about machine vision, safety and numerous other industry hot topics at FPE.

In addition to training, both facilities feature a state-of-the-art technology center. There, we demo and test today’s cutting edge automation, like vision systems, the latest industrial robotics, 3D bin picking, ai and more. Visitors can see the products at work in person, or we can schedule an online virtual meeting for you. Whether you need a proof of concept, or just want to check out the technology, we can make that happen.

Tech support and service are a particular strength of ours. That’s because we have a team of award-winning application specialists to assist you. They’re among the best in the business, and they’re here to help.

All of this is designed to increase your comfort level and success of the automation implementation at your facility. The goal is to increase your company’s efficiency and profitability through smart automation that makes sense.

All of us at FPE Automation would like to say thank you to our customers. FPE opened its doors in 1963. It is through your continued loyalty through the years that we were able to make the investment in these two facilities. That allows us, in turn, to better serve you. For that, we are extremely grateful.

We hope you enjoy this virtual tour of our technology and training centers with us today! We look forward to working with you soon.


Source: FPE Automation Blog

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