Universal Robots Award Winning Partner

It has been a record-setting month at FPE! This just in…

FPE Automation is the Winner of the Universal Robots Growth Award

By: Sandia Harrison

Universal Robots’ Misa Ilkhechi (left) presents the Universal Robots Growth Award.
FPE Automation’s Carson Weaver (center)
and Jomy Vadakumpadam (right) accept the trophy.

A surprise from Universal Robots today! It was announced that FPE Automation is the winner of the Midwest Growth Award.

The decision-making process to enter into the realm of collaborative robotics is a multi-faceted one. Manufacturers may be struggling to find skilled workers, with unemployment at a low. Employers and managers may be committed to keeping their workers safe and free of injuries. In today’s competitive market environment, they certainly need to take a hard look at ROI and other benefits of automating with cobots. In addition, they may not have the skill set internally to effectively deploy the collaborative robots (initially, anyway). 

That’s where we come in. FPE Automation is a premier Universal Robots partner, with unparalleled knowledge in our region. We offer authorized training classes, and have the right expertise to make this technology work for you. We do this one conversation at a time, hands-on whenever necessary, sleeves rolled up. 

There is no other way to achieve such an honor as this. 

All of us at FPE Automation would like to thank Universal Robots, our talented team of engineers and support staff, and most of all, our customers. Without you, this growth would not be possible.

Source: FPE Automation Blog

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