OnRobot Case Study in West Chicago: The Benefits of Collaborative Robots

Tomenson Machine Works had difficulty staffing workers to perform their most repetitive tasks until they used Universal Robots with OnRobot grippers in their pin stamping operation.

FPE Automation customer, West Chicago-based Tomenson Machine Workschose OnRobot because their versatile RG6 gripper was able to handle their smallest to largest parts.

Collaborative robots were a must forTomenson. The ability to work alongside humans and not require safety guarding was imperative. They didn’t think traditional robots would be a fit. Finding the right gripper was even more of a challenge. The size of the precision hydraulic manifolds they produce is constantly changing.  

In this video, they talk about how easy it was to integrate the collaborative robots. FPE Automation’s Brian Einzig discusses the flexibility of OnRobot products. For Tomenson, ROI was 6-7 months, and their employees are happy to be able to focus on more engaging tasks, like their more complex parts. They saw a 40% reduction in engraver misloads, a substantial quality improvement. They are running their robot on both first and second shift and exploring new ways they can add collaborative robotics to their business model. 


This is the second case study this week released featuring FPE Automation! That is unprecedented, and indicative of the great things that are going on in the Midwest in industrial automation. FPE, an authorized, premier distributor of Universal Robots, is proud to be at the center of it all. 



Source: FPE Automation Blog

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